Camp in Egypt
Find your work&life balance, meet like-minded people and study languages in an inspiring environment
May 17 — June 1
Do you work remotely?
Would you like to live in a nice location with like-minded people?
Big camp for 30 people
Community of digital nomads and creative people
Productive work in the dautime, hangout together in the evenings, networking and fun
Atmosphere of freedom and creativity
Discussion of projects, brainstorms
Diving, kitesurfing, swimming in the sea
We share same values, everyone has an interesting lifestory and passion for conscious, fascinating and free life

Before the start, we arrange an interview with each participant and try to understand if our values and interests are similar - this approach guarantees an interesting community of like-minded people
The Sinai Peninsula offers an incredible Sea life, kitesurfing, mountains and desert. Dahab is a modern international town

Our camp has a quiet workplace and an open-space for activities. There are shops, cafes and everything you might need near the camp
Our clients love us
Let's go with us!
Next camp will start on May 17
Who we are
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
A person willing to travel, work and live surrounded by interesting and inspiring people. I am also passionate about creation of events, psychology, people and their lifestories.
A digital nomad passionate about traveling and languages. I want to show other people opportunities that multicultural life creates for us and to expand boundaries together with like-minded people, to build a community.
I'm invented our company, father of our main goals and values. I have founded first core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in work process.
What does the Program include?
During the Camp, each participant "picks up the microphone" once for an hour and shares his or her experience. You can choose , the main thing is that it be close to the speaker and reveal his experience
We have an online intro interview with every participant, talk about your experience, values and interests. So we are sure there will be a community of like-minded people sharing similar interests in the Camp
During the daytime there is co-working atmosphere in the Camp, it has everything for productive work and your concentration
Free-time activities
The Sinai Peninsula is the perfect place to try new things. Diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, buggy, hiking. In the morning, we do exercises, yoga or jogging
Reboot and Inspiration
The Program includes a workshop on setting goals for the year, a psychological game, a night in the desert under the stars and a trip on a yacht. Boost your energy from the sun, nature and like-minded people.

We share with each other the most assets that we have - experience and time. We get inspired from each other, from our experiences and lifestories. We explore new locations and try new sports together
Is it for you?
Our Camp is for digital nomads with young open hearts, open to the world, easy-going, mindful participants ready for communication with other participants and willing to share their professional and life experiences. We do not have any restrictions, but you are responsible for your actions and you should respect other participants.
Who cannot take part?
At the moment, the Program is not designed for participation with children. Perhaps, in the future we will expand the project and create our own startup village for families with children :)
How to take part?
▪ Application form and interview
After filling out the application form, we will contact you for a short video interview. This is to important to keep the cool atmosphere! During the interview we talk about our values, interests, the format of interaction in the Camp and just talk about each other.

▪ Deposit
You transfer deposit in amount of 30% of the Cost to us and your place in the Camp is booked. If you need a payment receipt, we can send itto you. Now you can buy your flight tickets (we can help if necessary). The rest of the Cost should be paid before the start.

▪ Arrive and enjoy
We will give you detailed instructions on how to get to the Camp :)
May I have my own plans?
Sure! Your freedom is limited only by freedom of other people. You can create a field of distorted reality around you - we don't mind :)
There is a large kitchen, outdoor barbecue area and many different cafes and restaurants in the neighbourhood. There is a supermarket nearby where you can always buy fresh and tasty food. You can cook together :) Usually everyone chooses breakfast and lunch independently. For dinner we cook together or go to a restaurant!

Also, if during the working day you do not want to be distracted by cooking at all, we can organize breakfasts and lunches - this is discussed individually.
What is the situation with COVID there?
To fly to Egypt, you need a negative PCR-test, which you can do in the country of departure before your flight or in Sharm el-Sheikh airport for $ 30. It is also recommended to get covid insurance. In Egypt, we continue to observe safety measures in shops and some other public places - masks, antiseptics and social distance. Otherwise, there are no restrictions - cafes, restaurants and shopping centers operate normally.
From a participant in two weeks Camp program (single room)
Take part
From a participant in two weeks Camp program (double room)
Take part
What does the Cost include?
Place in the Camp for two weeks with high-speed wi-fi and with rooms cleaning services
Program of our events, designed fo the Camp after interviews with each participant
Morning practices: yoga, meditation, exercises, running, breathing exercises
Workshops from participants
Organization of brainstorms and masterminds for participants' projects
Overnight trip to the desert: starfall, fire and guitar
Assistance in Dahab, assistance in renting bicycles, choosing a SIM card, etc
Pre-selected community of like-minded people willing to learn from each other :)
The Cost does not include
We will help you every step of the way
Flight ticket
We will help you to choose the best ticket)
Diving, kitesurfing
Diving, kitesurfing
For dinner we usually buy groceries together and cook in the Camp or go to a cafe / restaurant, and for breakfast and / or lunch, you can cook together too if you want
Insurance and covid test
We help to do them
Do you still have questions?
Fill the form and we will answer you
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